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grow up

This is great! I agree. I went to the Hamptons for the first time this weekend for a job and I FUCKING. HATED. IT. Snotty generic "white" people on their iPhones, etc. I couldn't stand looking at the fakery.

%when ghetto people say pose to. My friend told her boss he needed to give her a raise

Yes, the Hamptons is terrible....miles of unspoiled ocean beaches, amazing food, thriving fisheries, vibrant nightlife, mom and pop businesses, a small-town feel, a preservation ethic, operating farms and farmstands that sell fresh produce....I would much rather sit in traffic UP ISLAND in some strip development with an unidentifiable mix of taco bells, 7-11s, big box retail stores, all made worse by retards in H3's with too much gel in their hair, blasting house music and driving aggressively to pass one car. Also every word is ended with a vowel, people live with their parents until they are 32, and "class" is used as a verb. Its also nice how you cut all the trees down and replaced them with generic lawns- the overuse of vinyl siding is also equally as aesthetically pleasing. Of course we have a different name for you- you are embarrassing and we want to differentiate ourselves from you...kind of like Staten Island compared with the rest of NYC....I'm from East Hampton, but when people ask where I'm from, I NEVER say Long Island- because it conjures up images of asshats with orange tans and Ed Hardy shirts showing off their tribal tattoos and SUV's- gaudy soccer moms snapping a wad of gum and pushing their spoiled kids through a home depot - moron racist blue collar assholes ranting about the economy and "liberals" - and endless traffic. Since you hate the Hamptons so much- stay where you are! We don't want you here either! Go to jones beach and if you can find a patch of open sand next to a pack of guidos and their blasting radio, sit down and enjoy all your "classy" up-island neighbors.

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